5 Healthier Takes On Your Favorite Christmas Breakfasts

Posted: December 26, 2013 in balance

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Health and Fitness – The Huffington Post
5 Healthier Takes On Your Favorite Christmas Breakfasts
We could try to tell you to, say, top your oatmeal or your Greek yogurt with some festive red and green fruit… but then we’d officially be worse than the Grinch.

Because we know Christmas morning is only once a year, and you just want to enjoy your favorite dishes in peace, here are some simple — and subtle! — tweaks to classic recipes that make them ever-so-slightly more nutritious picks.

Breakfast Casserole
breakfast casserole
This twist from Taste of Home swaps bacon or sausage for turkey breast to cut back on fat. Plus, the addition of broccoli means fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and a host of other health-promoting compounds that help protect against cancer, heart disease, stroke and more.

Cranberry-Orange Muffins
cranberryorange muffins
The classic tart and tangy flavor of these muffins from Cooking Light is complemented by some nutty wheat germ, one of the richest vegetarian sources of cold-busting zinc. Wheat germ is also a good source of choline, a superstar nutrient often consumed in egg yolks, that seems to boost memory.

Monkey Bread
monkey bread
For some, it just wouldn’t be Christmas morning without monkey bread, but the sticky-sweet treat can pack over 500 calories per serving, according to Cooking Light’s calculations. By swapping canned biscuit dough for homemade whole-wheat dough and skipping the butter basting, this recipe whittles the mouth-watering favorite down to 234 calories per serving and contains only 2 grams of saturated fat instead of 13.

10-Minute Quiche
Take the hassle out of a quiche or frittata with this simple, stove-top version from the Associated Press, complete with festive — and nutrient-rich! — spinach and tomatoes.

Cinnamon Rolls
cinnamon rolls
Despite cinnamon’s many health benefits, you’re not going to find much at the Cinnabon counter that stands up to any rules of healthful eating. But swapping refined sugar for sweeteners like applesauce and honey in this recipe from Undressed Skeleton at least makes for a more natural treat. It also happens to be grain-free!

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