We Tried It: Maria Sharapova’s New Year’s Crush Workout

Posted: January 1, 2014 in balance

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We Tried It: Maria Sharapova’s New Year’s Crush Workout
What We Tried: Maria Sharapova’s New Year’s Crush workout

Where: On the newly-relaunched Nike+ Training Club app, available December 31. Sharapova’s workout is the debut featured athlete workout on the new-and-improved app.

What We Did: A circuit workout consisting of a resistance band knee drive, a resistance band lateral step, a box crossover step, a single-leg Romanian deadlift with row and a step up with hop to back lunge.

For How Long: Each movement (demonstrated on in-app videos by Sharapova herself!) is performed for one minute, and you repeat the circuit three times for a total of just 15 minutes.

How’d It Feel: I love me a high-intensity, short-duration workout, so I was pumped to give Sharapova’s custom routine a try. It felt a little more cardiovascular than something like the 7-Minute Workout, thanks in particular to the box crossover step. It also felt a little too rushed. With no transition time in between movements, I found myself falling behind as I transitioned out of the resistance band and onto the box. The second and third times through were much smoother, but not perfect. I was breathing heavy by the end, but I didn’t feel like I had hit all the major muscle groups, nor did my muscles feel particularly challenged.

What It Helps With: Sharapova’s voiceover at the onset of the workout touts the dexterity and speed that are crucial to her successful tennis game. But the routine helps even racquet sport non-enthusiasts tone muscles and improve balance and agility.

What Fitness Level Is Required: Anyone can complete this workout, although some moderate experience with bodyweight exercises will leave you better prepared for the somewhat advanced moves, like the single-leg deadlift. However, more hindering than fitness level may be fitness equipment. Despite the do-anywhere feel of an app-based workout, this particular routine calls for a plyometrics box and a resistance band, which I’d venture a bet are not hiding under the bed of many novice (or even experienced) athletes.

What It Costs: The app is free to download.

Would We Do It Again: Sharapova’s particular workout wasn’t my favorite, but the app has much more to offer, including customizable programs and four-week plans to help you conquer those New Year’s resolutions. I would definitely use it again to set up my own mini-circuits to help me structure my strength workouts.

For photos of the app and moves from Sharapova’s workout, check out the slideshow below:

Boise Bipolar Center, Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D, Boise Idaho Therapist Mental health photo 2168_zps680c452f.jpg


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