Celebrities Speak Out Against Photoshop

Posted: January 12, 2014 in balance

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Health and Fitness – The Huffington Post
Celebrities Speak Out Against Photoshop
It’s no secret that publications and promotional material often use Photoshop to manipulate images of celebrities and models to present a certain contrived ideal. However, the subjects of these edits don’t always approve of how their appearance is altered. (Believe it or not, not all flat–chested ladies want to try out C–cups.)

Muscular legs are reduced to twigs befitting a teen and mature beauty is airbrushed back into youth. Many celebrities have been involved in awkward Photoshop blunders or have been the victim of extreme editing, but few speak out against the common industry practice.

These unrealistic body–image standards can be incredibly detrimental for those outside of Tinseltown, too. Here are the celebrities who’ve defended graceful — and unedited — aging.

Boise Bipolar Center, Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D, Boise Idaho Therapist Mental health photo 2168_zps680c452f.jpg


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