How To Eat Like An Olympian (VIDEO)

Posted: February 19, 2014 in balance

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Health and Fitness – The Huffington Post
How To Eat Like An Olympian (VIDEO)
When you imagine an Olympic training regimen, you may be overlooking one critical component: diet.

For many of the athletes at Sochi this year, what they’re putting into their body is just as important as what they’re doing with their bodies. Although every athlete’s diet varies tremendously, eating right is a huge part of success no matter what event you’re competing in.

In this video brought to us by AsapScience, we get to take a look inside a variety of those diets, from a cross-country skier’s calorie intake (spoiler alert: It’s more than twice the average human’s!) to Lolo Jones and the 9,000-calories-a-day diet that helped her gain the weight to go from Olympic hurdler to Olympic bobsledder.

We know that Olympians are fantastic at burning calories, but now we know what they are actually eating before they run, ski, skate or curl those calories off.

To check out all the different Olympic athletes and what they’re putting in their bodies, watch the video above.

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