How to Handle Anxiety in a Moment’s Notice (Without Doughnuts)

Posted: March 27, 2014 in balance

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How to Handle Anxiety in a Moment’s Notice (Without Doughnuts)
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When you feel overwhelmed emotionally, mentally or even energetically, don’t fret. Know that it is all energy and can easily be dissipated.

The thing about energy is it can not be created or destroyed; it can be changed. Overwhelm is an opportunity to create something beautiful in your life and the world. This is why so many are able to take the toughest lowest moments in their life and transform it into empowering teaching lessons for others and a purpose-filled life for themselves.

In moments of overwhelm the first thing to do is to notice it There are three key practices to transform overwhelm into joy, productivity, connection, love and whatever your creating.

1. Acknowledge it.
The first think is to simple be aware and acknowledge that you are overwhelmed, stressed out or even experiencing a bit of anxiety. Acknowledging contains the magic of separating from the the feeling itself. You then become present that it exists, versus that you are it. Immediately when you notice this…

2. Breathe.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Breath is your life force. Anchoring with the breath connects you to your source, your body and the present moment. It also sends a signal to the brain, “Hey, we’re okay.” Allowing your nervous system to relax a bit. This has a physiological, mental and energetic effect. Sometimes you may notice what feels like anxiety is really excitement lacking a little breath.

3. Have extreme compassion.
Next practice extreme compassion for yourself and any other parties that maybe involved. Compassion brings the gift of shifted perspective. It allows you to see the love, desire and intention of what is going on. The desire to feel safe, the desire to be loved, the desire to connect, the desire to survive. These are core human needs and emotions; ones that we all experience and can connect with.

This creates a sense of vulnerability and connection.

4. Get support.
Connect with someone you trust and care about. This may seem a bit off, because many of the practices say look within and not without. Though, sometimes it takes a good friend, advisor or colleague to help uncover and shift that which is unfolding within. Allow yourself to be supported and be vulnerable. This will also allow your heart to open, increasing the feeling and experience of love, which dissipates fear.

If you don’t know who this person is for you yet, that’s okay. Set the intention of connecting with one, it could be a good friend, a close work confidant, a romantic partner, a sibling or even a parent. Set the intention and allow that person to show up, just when you need them. It may be in the least expecting of places.

Next time in those moments of extreme overwhelm integrate these three practices in a 60-second focused breathing session and watch the energy shift within you and around you. A regular yoga, meditation or prayer practice helps make these practices easily accessible throughout the day.

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