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Note, this article is in 2 parts. Part one is the Science Daily article on Ketamine. Part two, below, is the Wikipedia article on Ketamine. I am not approving this article on Ketamine, which is also a veterinary medication as well as the illegal street drug called Special K. The Ketamine articles are being included due to the number of articles I get on this daily. However, this is not a recommendation. Still, let’s watch the research on Ketamine. NEVER experiment with medications on your own or use street drugs: they are proven to be the fastest route to ongoing psychosis. Dr. Bunch

ScienceDaily: Bipolar Disorder News


Ketamine is being researched for tx of
bipolar disorder
and ptsd

Ketamine may relieve depression quickly for those with treatment-resistant bipolar disorder
A single intravenous dose of the anesthetic agent ketamine appears to reduce symptoms of depression within 40 minutes among those with bipolar disorder who have not responded to other treatments.